Forum Title: how to replace THIS water supply valve *immediately*!
Please Help! I suddenly have no hot water (in 6:30pm 20F temps) until I can fix this! After a clothes washer repair, my hot water supply value dripped from the stem when open, but then also when closed, and then it started hissing at me. It's all green around the stem. I relieved the pressure by shutting off the water to the water heater (so we at least have cold running water) and opening all the hot water faucets in the lowest level (where the problem is). By all accounts this should be easy for a novice like me, but I have this setup: - copper pipe running vertical from the ceiling to about chest level - a brass 90 degree elbow with "1/8" stamped on the side to bring it out horizontal - a brass supply valve screwed directly into the elbow - threads from the supply valve into the elbow are visible - on the threads: what looks like dried yellow glueBasic Questions: 1) How do I get this valve off? 2) What do I replace it with? And how would I do that (if not obvious)?Detailed Questions: 1a) Do I have any hope of unscrewing these two with wrenches (to replace just the supply valve) or are these 2 brass fittings joined forever? I do have a barely used pipe wrench set. 1b) Would a hand-held butane torch (or whatever it's called) melt off this glue? I have one of those if it helps. 2a) Is there any way I'm going to be able to get a 1/4 turn compression valve onto this by the end of the ordeal? 2b) Is there any way I can solve this without soldering (which I can barely spell, much less perform)? I have almost no confidence, and certainly no tools, for that.
Category: Plumber Post By: VIOLA ZIMMERMAN (Cambridge, MA), 05/14/2016

Please post a pic so we can help you.

- CHRISTY BALL (West Hollywood, CA), 09/03/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by havasu Please post a pic so we can help you. Sorry, didn't know. Plus, I'm guessing at how to do this right in these forums, so please correct me. I didn't find a recommended way to share pictures in the Help (I did look quickly). Can you see them? (I can't in the preview but it could be my browser.) EDIT to also try this (b/c I'm not seeing the pix) ... 1) Laundry water supply area 2) Close-up of problem hot water supply

- FRANK YOUNG (Largo, FL), 09/20/2017

Don't panick. All you need to do is tighten the packing nut which should stop the leak. The blue corrosion on the packing nut (not blue handles) indicates leaking there.

- DARRELL DAY (Bismarck, ND), 10/02/2017

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