Forum Title: Do you know which brand this is?
Greetings from Ohio I have a rental house and the tenant broke the extension on the shower diverter. I went to a couple unnamed big box stores yesterday, but they were no help. It's a three piece shower handle and is approximately three years old and I do not know the brand as it does not say on the handles and I'm trying to avoid cutting the drywall behind it. It has a 3 and H stamped on the part. If anyone can help with a manufacturer or a part number I would appreciate it. Thanks, Mark
Category: Plumber Post By: DEBRA ADAMS (Frisco, TX), 05/05/2016

Looks alot like these guys and the answer is glacier bay and the award goes to jtorm for a great answer haa

- WILLIE ROGERS (Gulfport, MS), 09/09/2017

I even found a guide on replacing them

- HARRY HOWARD (Conway, AR), 10/11/2017

Have you checked into seeing if its a glacier bay? Not sure but it reminds me of the cheap glacier bay 3 handles.

- Matthew Russo (Charlotte, NC), 10/14/2017

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